Friday, September 18, 2009

Hannah, tired, talkative, grammatically incorrect...

To all of my faithful readers (all seven or eight of you...),
I am dying, dying, dying to post some lovely photos that I snuck in yesterday of my incredibly photogenic little sister, but hence! We don't have that fancy internet installed on our property yet. So, updates on Tennessee are coming soon. I just have to go park somewhere around here and steal someone's internet (or just go steal it from a friend again... you know who you are...), but until then, you'll all just have to live without.
Also, I'll be starting a new blog (hopefully) once this internet thing is all worked out. I am Californian to the core... who ever thought internet wasn't available at the snap of your fingers?

At the present, I am sitting in front of my grandmother's computer in Arkansas, missing home but enjoying a little adventure all by my lonesome. I drove down here today with Kristen and her little girls; her husband is filming down in Louisiana, and they're meeting at the halfway point for the weekend. She needed a traveling companion and a babysitter for a day. Since my grandparents live so conveniently close, it worked out well. I feel like chatting someone's ear off but my throat hurts from doing it for 6 hours in the car today... so I am resolved to type instead to whoever reads it. "I'm a lone, lorn creat'r..."
Tennessee if beautiful. I will admit. All you California inhabitating Californians that I left behind are really missing out on the scenery around here. It is lush and green, as opposed to dry and brown (nothing against Interstate 5 or anything ). Although I am enjoying life just as ever, I do miss my homeland and all of you... I would board that plane to LA tomorrow if I could, but miraculously I am loving it here. Thank you so much for all of your prayers for our family... through His grace, God has assisted us in finding happiness and contentment (at least for me :-) over here, despite our attitudes about moving. I know I will enjoy it here. No offense to any of you. :) I almost feel like I am speaking a heresy by saying that, but I am so happy here in this beautiful place. Everyday I am reminded to thank the Lord over and over again for how much He has blessed us in so many little ways, and many we will never even know about. God is so good.
I have learned so much about life, other's around me, the Lord, and myself over the past two weeks; I could fill a book with it all. Making new discoveries, learning things of importance, pursuing the eternal matters, and seeking God have been a big thing around here lately... and I am enjoying life like never before. I don't really know why. Perhaps it is because life has started anew over here... everything is fresh and different, and it feels like being born into a new world, all over again. There have been so many different stages in our lives; milemarkers and very, very big changes. This is just another one of them. And... I am thankful for that. Strangely.
Forgive my rambling. Remember, I told you that I wanted to talk but didn't have the voice to. Perhaps I'll recover by the time I get home, and then you all will be the victim's of me and my crazy, excited self.
So anyway, I miss all of you, whoever you are, and I will reemerge into cyber space sometime this year. Till next time...


  1. Thank you Hannah for sharing your heart and being transparent..what a blessing to see what the Lord is doing in you...keep it up and keep that perspective always...I'm missin ya too...thinkin 'bout sittin on the porch and playin mi' fiddl' in yer honor :D Love you!

  2. Ahhhh tell me about it.....we STILLL do not have highspeed internet or the sort at our house.... my nanny job is amazing though cause i can bring my laptop to their house during the day and use it as much as i want ;-). But our house is like so far out in the boonies that DSL can't get the internet out there!! Who would've thunk?

    AWwwww....I am so glad to hear that you are loving TN!It is a beautiful state....but Virginia is wayyyy more beautiful!!!! since you have already made the step in moving this far should just move a bit farther to VA....then I would be wayyy incredibly happy. =D

  3. Hannah- It was so good to read your post, hearing your heart, and even seeing your smile through the words. I miss you so much but am glad the Lord is blessing you so richly!

    Can't wait to catch up!