Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love the beach. I am an official water, sun and sand girl (especially the sun part... sun+water reflection+genetically flexible dose of melanin+I've-been-in-the-backwoods-of-TN-for-a-long-time-and-am-therefore-whiter-than-I-have-ever-been-before-and-growing-sick-of-it=tan.). I never really thought much about my love for the Big Blue until we moved away from it. Classic case of taking-for-granted, I suppose. How unusual.
Coming back, I realize I am madly in love with my ocean. So I am going to post beach photos until you all fall in love with it too.

I loathe to say 'so long' to you, silvery sea!

p.s. For all of you poor, poor people who are stuck in horrid Southern/Eastern/Northern winter weather: Yes, this is the California coast in January, it is lovely, and there is a very legitimate reason housing prices are so obnoxiously high (and in my opinion, very much worth it). I am currently wearing a short sleeved shirt, light skirt, am barefoot, and have all the windows open in the house. I will commence soaking up the sun in the backyard after I finish making this post. Don't be too jealous. I fell almost guilty about how warm it is here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So far in California

Our trip has flown by on little birdie wings... I find myself waiting for "the next person" to go and visit. I'm sort of a live-in-the-future person. Living in the present doesn't always come naturally to me (that is, unless something stuns me like this gorgeous view below ;-). Anyway, to prevent myself from rambling, I will stop. (wasn't that profound?) I think these pictures are pretty self- explanatory. Beauty. Beach. People. Happy people. Funny people. Crazy people (which are the same as the happy and funny ones). This ain't half of it.

( I accidentally put up the photo above and blogger won't let me take it down for some pardon the weird face I'm making...)

These were really good. Really good. If anyone is ever going by the Amersterdam Coffee place in Paso Robles, make sure you get some of these.

He isn't used to this kind of treatment or anything...