Sunday, September 6, 2009

"The one I love is in California... California's home to me!"

Hey y'all!
Yup, I'm alive. But I'm melting very quickly, so I won't be here for long. It's rather humid over here. :)
Just an update... we're in Tennessee now (rah rah), and the internet is rather iffy; once we move into our house and get everything set up, I will return to cyberspace and start e-mailing and posting to y'all again. And I consider "y'all" a typo, by the way.
'Till next time!


  1. Told ya you'd be saying ya'all someday...Jim Bob is just around the corner :D:D Was I prophetic????? We shall see.......

  2. ah - I have found you, Hannah dear!! Lovely blog with lovely pictures :) Can't wait to see you again.

  3. Haha! You are such a tease, Mrs. Shaf. I said y'all JUST for you. :) Joe Bob hasn't come dancing in yet, don't worry. But when he does, I won't mind if HE says y'all, as long as I don't. Hehehe...I love you so much, and you had better come see us soon!
    Thanks, Jessica! I'm off to look at your's. That isn't Justus, btw, it's the baby of a very good friend of mine. His name is Ben, and I am in love with him (just in case you were wondering). :) Thanks SO MUCH for the help today! See you soon...Hannah

  4. Okay, so Hannah, I am vey out of the loop. :( I didn't know you all were moving! To TN??? That's even CLOSER to me!!!!

    And yeah, ya'll is not a much as you'd like to think it isn't. and you will get into the hang of saying it soon, I am sure! ;-)

    Love you dearie!!!