Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life is beautiful.
Due to a moody Mac and a forget-the-hassle-lets-do-this-as-fast-as-possible-despite-the-risk Me, I lost some of my best shots in Oregon a couple of weeks ago. *sigh* So, I suppose you will all have to be satisfied with these. This post should be called Hannah's Significantly Altered and Colorless Photos of Camp Dwight. I was a little caffeinated when I messed with these; if you have ever been within 20 yards of me while I am on caffeine, then no other explanation will be needed. Next time I'll shock you all with my colors. :-) One of these days.
Needless to say, Camp Dwight was a blast. It always is. Sorry, no slip-n-slide pictures, although that was certainly one of the main "fun-time" highlights. I was too busy slipping and sliding to take photos. I just might go steal some from another blog. :)
I owe much to this chick here. She is my camera thief--er--holder. When I can bear to part with my beloved Nikon, she takes him willingly off my hands. She is quite the budding photographer.

Your's Truly is omitted from this photo. In fact, she was mysteriously omitted from appearing inevery ping-pong photo. How could this be? Is she camera-shy? Did she even play? Of course she did. How long did she play Around-the-World, you ask? Well, look at the photo. You just might get a hint. :)

"... I could have danced all night long..."
Group huddle. Just kidding. More like group ECD lesson for certain people who couldn't do it worth a pile of rocks/could not comprehend directions from distressed and exhausted callers. No prejudices held, mind you! You can tell just who is exasperated with the repeated explanations... And yes, we did end up doing it, somehow. Whether we danced it the right way or not has nothing to do with our accomplishment... right?

How many photographer's assistants is one allowed to have?
Beautiful friends

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  1. Your talents are endless my dear...keep posting :)
    Love to you!