Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So long Starbucks

This morning I woke up at 4:30 to the sound of the incredibly obnoxious siren of my alarm. I turned it off, then crawled to the bottom of my bed to retrieve my phone (my second awakening call) from the window sill so I could turn the alarm off before it sounded. I dragged myself out of bed with the intention of meeting Zephyr at the end of the driveway at 5:10 to hop in her truck, drive down to "the" swimming hole in Cane Creek, and swim laps for 45 minutes after daring to immerse ourselves therein at such an early hour. We did this yesterday morning, and I could not sleep all that night for fear of not getting up in time. We had a blast (as I always do with Zephyr). I intended to do a repeat this morning, but when I woke up, I decided that it really wasn't worth it this time. Amber was going, and so flaking out wouldn't be so bad. I wanted to have a little bit more sleep, wake up to the sun barely risen, go down the hall to find my mother pushing the green light on the coffee maker, and take a few moments to savor a steaming cup of Honduran coffee... and... I knew that Zephyr would understand.
Zephyr is the ultimate coffee connoisseur. I mean, she is into it. She knows her stuff. If she says something is amazing as far as taste goes, I always believe her (except for anything "edible" that has to do with Cracker Barrel or the Log Cabin... just can't bring myself to do it... don't love her THAT much...). Just a couple of days ago she and I shared a plate and downed a gargantuan portion of this amazing Angel Food Cake, mixed berry, cream cheese and whipped cream ensemble after church... I wasn't feeling guilty about it until Mike walked up (observing our piggishness) and told us that we were going to float real well in the creek. Gee thanks! (For those of you who don't know... very muscular people, such as my little brother, cannot float in water because... they're all muscle. Quite funny. I know only two people like this.)
In their travels, Nathan and Zephyr came across some amazing coffee in the mountains of Honduras... the growth, picking, processing, and even the decaffeinating process dealie are so utterly "green", I feel like I'm practically doing something good for myself by drinking it.
It. Is. Good.
The flavor is so full, so deep, and so, so delicious.
Zephyr has been having the Honduran coffee shipped to her place every so often, and many of the locals, having become addicted to it's superiority, have been buying it from her several pounds at a time. She is our little coffee supplier. Recently, she came up with a brilliant idea to start a little online business, supplying the rest of this needy and deprived world with the best coffee on the planet. I highly recommend it. So does my mother (that should mean something to you). I usually avoid coffee, but this stuff is simply irresistible.
So, in lieu of this amazing, incredible, astounding, heart stopping coffee, here is my very un-fancy looking link: http://www.canecreekcoffee.com/.
Get some. You won't be disappointed.

p.s. For those of you who might be stuck on the crazy morning swim: yup... I'm planning on it tomorrow. Y'all are totally missing out on life.

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