Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring... my old man is snoring...

The sky is bawling it's eyes out today and the clouds are arguing rather loudly. We are having an official Southern storm.
Last year there was a gigantic flash flood here in C. Creek in the beginning of May. It was the largest flood of the century (literally), and the water was so deep, people were canoeing around in the otherwise dry fields, horses were being swept down the stream with nothing but the tips of their noses above water, and several people almost died (but that was their fault for going in a high-powered motor boat down the swift current right smack into a concrete bridge ...I think it was a guy thing or something... "I know, let's almost die, and live to tell about it!"). The whole event even made it on Facebook! Wow, we have arrived!
Possibilites of reliving last year's torrent of water has been buzzing along the phone lines in C. Creek. At the present, Amber is watching our friend's kids so they could go on a "date" down the almost-flooded creek in canoes. I hope they don't struck by lightning.
Justus and I ran outside into the back of the property to see how full our spring is (it flooded all of our ditches/culverts to the top-- about 8 ft. tall and 10 ft. wide). The spring starts several acres back in the woods. We were totally soaked after about three seconds of going outside. But it was a blast. I couldn't keep my flip flops on so I had to go barefoot. Running on the rocks hurt a little, and I told him to slow down because I had to be selective about where I put my feet. Justus turned around and looked at me (in his knee-high rubber boots) and said, "Gosh Hannah! You really need to toughen up!". Sir yes sir!
I am currently waiting for a friend of mine to call and let me know when she is going to go view the damage thus far. For fun, that is. Some other friends are coming to park their cars at our house. Last year their house was a foot deep in water (and it's elevated!).
I know I'm weird, but I really hope it floods. That way, in 70 years I can tell my great-great-grandchildren about how I survived the greatest flood in Tennessee history while I sat on my Mac blogging about it. (just kidding)
Having a metal roof makes things even more exciting. I love waking up in the morning to the sound of the rain pelting above me. It almost resembles the sound of the water rolling backward into the ocean preparing to break into a wave.
Well, many sunny days to all you tan people in California who have absolutely no clue about what REAL rain looks like. Ignorance is bliss, my dears.

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