Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The road is straight and narrow. A mile down it curves viciously to the left, to the right, and straight on again over the bridge. The rest of the way is made of soft slopes and mild, pleasant curves...sometimes like our lives. The sharpest curve can take you slamming into who knows what just around the bend if you take it too fast... slow down, then speed up with caution, and you're safe. I love roads... or rather what they can signify if you use a little imagination. This one, mine, is especially beautiful... sometimes a little dangerous and difficult to drive on smoothly. Often times the curves are to sharp and too sudden... But without the danger, the road would simply "go ever on and on ", and how boring would that be?

(for those who are wondering... yes, I did lay down on the ground of a 60mph two-lane highway to get this shot... I wonder what the oncoming Amish traffic must have thought of the nutty California girl trying to commit suicide...)
I crack myself up sometimes.

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