Saturday, June 13, 2009

Salmon Creek

Although outdoor photography isn't really my forte', I couldn't resist from posting these. I'm still fascinated of the beauty of God's creation from our hike to Salmon Creek yesterday with some friends. We had an awesome time exploring, getting into harrowing situations (you know me...) , and just enjoying our time together.  I didn't spend much time with the camera due to my fear of somehow dropping or banging it as we were climbing the boulders by the creek, since I have a horrid knack for breaking cameras. These were just quick shots I took while everyone was telling me to hurry up. :) Also, they're raw out of camera. I restrained myself and didn't mess with the colors or anything after I downloaded them. So beautiful!
Notice the guy fishing on the bottom right.

The above two were taken out of the sunroof of the car (very uncomfortable hanging out of the sunroof from the back seat, trying to focus the camera as everyone pokes and teases, I assure you. At least they didn't start tickling...). Next time we come here (later this week) I'm going to get some better shots. I love this place! I am so glad we live so close.


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